“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

Who We Are

We are a blend of the youth and the experienced. We are traders first, then coaches! Our co-founders Abhishek and Hari have been trading successfully for years and now have opened doors to the aspiring trading community to learn the most simple and the most effective trading system.

The goal is to remove the stigma attached with this business and to show people the right way to enter this segment in the financial industry and come out with flying colours.

The first lesson starts here: TIPS = SPIT (if you read it backwards)

Just remember: It is simple, but not easy! Earning always comes after Learning.

Our Story

Hari who represents the youth is a strong believer that if someone sets his mind on something and does it the right way, he will definitely achieve his goals. Being a certified Heartfulness trainer, he already possessed certain qualities of a successful trader.

Abhishek is a trader, an author and a mentor and has successfully mentored a variety of audience ranging from a student to a businessman to a retired individual. He is a trader of more than 12 years of experience.

Being a student himself of this system, Hari started trading under the mentorship of Abhishek. After seeing the success and the knack of his skill, both of them decided to partner on this venture where they have one main goal – To educate everyone and show them how to trade or invest using technical analysis successfully.


Meet Our Team


Hari Harlalka

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Abhishek Bubna